Introducing Mazury Search!
May 25th, 2022

For the past few weeks, we have been writing about some of the most essential features coming into the new version of our app. They’ve been well received by the community, and we’re super excited to keep building and getting ready for the launch!

You can find our articles on Badges & Referrals and read about them if you missed it.

Search is one of our most important features. Everything we’re building is super important, and we pay enormous attention to detail in every pixel, front-end implementation, and API architecture. But search is something special. Let’s talk about it!

Why web3 needs search

The most popular website in the entire world is Google, why? It’s simple, people love to ask questions, but even better than that, they need to get results. And that’s what our search tool is about. Providing results. Results that are relevant to your search queries. Data-driven results that are retrieved from useful tools like Badges & Referrals. 

Our vision with search is to provide a single point of reference for results through various queries. ENS addresses, skills, badges, poaps, referrals, and even by communities!

Imagine a world that exists where you could find your future contributor by searching who contributed to similar projects, who attended events for proper nerds, finding them, and then choosing to build something crazy with them. Now stop imaging, it already exists!

Using mazury search

Let’s dive in for a short demo of what we are offering in our new app.

Phrase search

Just like you’ll see on google, in Mazury you can search using full phrases like “Python developer”, “Frontend developer”, “UI designer”. Our engine will pick up people that have been referred for relevant skills & who own badges relevant to your search.

Badges / credential filters

If you want to be more specific about your search you can go to the “Badge” filter and choose exactly what contributions, achievements, and communities you want to search for. You can also switch to another tab to filter using poaps or any other credential provider we will integrate with in the future!

Skill filters

With an ability to refer others on mazury, you can also search by skills that people are being referred for. Need a frontend developer? Check out who has been referred for react, javascript or HTML!

Role filters


The last part of the UI allows you to filter by people that left a contact option on mazury. In theory, everybody is contactable via Blockscan, but some of our users also connect to Twitter, GitHub, or other social media so you can reach them in a more traditional way.

Hire with mazury!

We are committed to helping everybody discover top talent and connecting contributors anywhere in the world with the most exciting companies. For now, we open the search experience to everybody & soon will be building more features related to hiring.

In the meantime, if you are responsible for sourcing talent for DAOs or web3 startups, ping us at!

We would love to work together on sourcing the next wave of talent in your organization.

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