Introducing Mazury Badges!
May 5th, 2022

gm, our engineering, design, and product team has been hard at work building mind-blowing, creative features for our product. In today’s article, we’re talking about one of these features - Badges. What are they and why are they so cool?

Developer Dao Badge
Developer Dao Badge

Sign in with Ethereum and the future of digital identity

Let’s start with a short intro.

What makes web3 so special?

Among digital ownership, decentralized finance, and sovereign money, internet users can, for the first time, have full control over their identity & can use it across all the different apps.

For example, our Ethereum address, “mazury.eth” is useful to:

… and soon for much more, including professional contributions like coding, designing, writing, or whatever your DAO needs.

Thanks to that, apps like mazury can gather this data, aggregate it, create beautiful profiles and reward positive contributions. Starting soon, we will be rewarding web3 users with unique badges.


What are Badges?

Badges are your metaverse credentials. We issue ridiculously cool badges that’ll be mintable as NFTs soon. The rules for issuing them is simply our creativity & we should have as many of them as possible. They will also mark the coolest and dopest achievements in professional web3 life.

Bankless DAO
Bankless DAO

Let me break this down.


Why Badges?

Easy - Point of reference. One of the coolest things about badges is how they tell a potential employer where you’ve worked, what:

  • you've built - during hackathons, projects & your job.
  • your values are - the communities that you're a part of, POAPs by virtue of the events you’ve attended in the past and so on.

This data is on chain and verifiable. This is a quick and easy way to have a rough idea of what this talent has been up to and if they’re a great fit - or as close a fit as possible from an employer’s perspective.

Let’s issue badges for your community!

we are partnering with web3 protocols/companies to issue out [non-transferable] badges to their employees as means of verifying employment. This is still in its experimental stages and we are completely open to listening to what the community thinks about this - we’ll be hosting a Twitter space session on Monday, the 9th of May. If you have a contrary viewpoint to this idea, please join us. We are excited to hear your feedback on our Twitter spaces!

Let's build the professional metaverse together 🌊

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